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Ever have problems in your classes? Don't you wish you could pass the class without having to work as hard? Well, I agree! This page is a consolidation of the best websites to use for your *ahem* "study help".


As I find new good sites, they will be added to the below list. Any suggestions or requests should be made to <placeholder>.

Save this link into your bookmarks and share it with your friends. It is all FREE!


- Calcchat is a great website that shows step-by-step solutions for Calculus 1, 2, and 3 problems from common textbooks. It is not only a great cheating tool but also is a great legitimate studying tool. Simply select your textbook from the list and you're good to go!


Computer Science:


Electrical Engineering/Physics:

- PhET is an amazing website that has simulations of different scientific scenarios. What is amazing is that it allows you to create systems like swinging pendulums, falling objects, or even circuits. You can edit parameters like gravity, mass, and shape or current, voltage, and resistance and not only see a demonstration of it but also get the unknown values calculated for you.



- PhET (discussed above) also has sections of simulations for Biology and Chemistry





- Chegg (duh) is a website you have probably seen a LOT of whenever you search for homework problems on Google. A lot of the answers are behind paywalls but at the same time a lot of answers are available for free without registration. You can search by textbook and find those answers nicely organized.



- Textsheet is a great website that allows you to view paywalled answers from Chegg ABSOLUTELY FREE. No sign-up, no payments, nothing. Simply paste the link into the box and answer a couple short questions and you have the complete Chegg answer!



- Slader is another good website for getting textbook answers. It does not have a lot of textbooks loaded and it also ONLY GIVES ANSWERS AND NOT SOLUTIONS. However, for more obscure textbooks, this is probably the best place to get the answers.



- NoFile.io is a website that allows you to share large files with people completely anonymously. Imagine DropBox, but there's no sign up whatsoever. It can take any kind of file and will support files up to 10 Gigabytes! It should work well for sharing images of assignments or recordings of lectures without worrying about it being tracked back to you.



- PasteBin is a very popular website that allows for sharing text quickly and completely anonymously. It works amazingly well for sharing code like Python and C++ because most of the time the formatting (ie: indentions and line ends) in their original state, meaning when you copy out of Pastebin, there's no awkward formatting fixes needed.




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